Pool Installation & Maintenance

Installing Your Perfect Pool

All of our work is guaranteed here, and you'll enjoy a relaxing and high quality backyard swimming pool made with the finest materials and workmanship. Our professionals at the Southern Design Pools have years of experience, and we have the electrical code and all permits taken care of for the basic pool.

Our custom pools include gunite/concrete and vinyl liner, and our spas include various shapes, sizes, and styles you'll love. If you have any problems with your spa or pool, our team of expert service technicians will repair the issue. We can help you regularly maintain your pool as well.

Carefree enjoyment of your pool.

  • A minimum of a 1.5 Hp Hayward super pump

  • One S-244T Hayward high rate 300 lb sand filter

  • One 220-volt automatic timer

  • 16 x 32 pools come with 6-foot walk-in steps

  • 18 x 36 pools come with 8-foot walk-in steps

  • 20 x 40 pools come with two skimmers and 8-foot walk-in steps

We take care of all the details with your pool. You can have confidence it was built right for many years of enjoyment.

We strive to make the pool of your dreams truly carefree here, and we also offer these services for you:

  • Seasonal opening and closings for your pool
  • Electrical work
  • Pool service and maintenance support
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